Conversations with the Past

"Conversations with the Past" is an oral history digitization project undertaken by the Captain Avery Museum begun in Fall 2014. Funding was provided by a mini-grant from the Four Rivers Heritage Area.

The purpose of this site is to provide discovery and access to oral history transcripts and audiovisual clips that capture the early and current life of people in the Shady Side Community.

Recently Added Items

Childhood Home of Lucretia Brown


Lucretia Brown was born and raised in this home, on Snug Harbor Road, which her father, Francis Vernon Lee, bought/built in 1917.

Atwell Homes in Annapolis, Maryland


James Atwell's parents' home was on the right his grandparent's Samuel T. Atwell lived across the shared driveway in the house on the left. The…

Wooden Name Sign


Handmade name board (wood) with gold lettering used by Samuel T. Atwell when working as a shipwright during WWII at Trumpy's Boatyard, Annapolis.…